Frederick Douglass Day will be held on Sept 28, 2024



Welcome Ceremony - 10:30am
at the Talbot County Courthouse




Children's Village - 11am to 3pm



TCFL Frederick Douglass Room - 11am to 3pm

Marketplace - 11am to 3pm





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American Legion Post # 77
Bay Photographic Works
Mr. Richard Bodorff
Joe and Sue Bredekamp
Dock Street Foundation
Debbi Dodson
Mrs. Joyce Doehler
Lynne and Buck Duncan
The Town of Easton
Mr. Robert Fogarty
Carolyn Hayman
Dr. Forest Hansen & Dr. Valerie Lamont
Tom & Debbie Lawrence
Ambassador Tony S. & Mrs. Hope Harrington
Cathy and Tom Hill
Mr. George Holzer
Richard Marks & Amy Haines
Mr. Christopher Regaux
Mr. James S. Reed
William F. Ryan & Dr. Joan Richtsmeir
Shore United Bank
Dr. Eva Smorzaniuk
Stagwell Farm
Richard C. and Beverly W. Tilghman
Trinity Cathedral
Mr. & Mr. William R. U’Ren
Robert and Cecilia VanStrum Foundation
Watts Landing & Industrial Park
Vickie Wilson
Our Public and Private Donors




Frederick Douglass Day 2023 Committee:

Brenda Wooden, Frederick Douglass Day Chair
Clairdean Black, Treasurer
Elizabeth North, Children’s Village Chair
Vickie Wilson and Jeannie Whitesell, Parade Co-Chairs
Carolyn Hayman and Vickie Wilson, Entertainment Co-Chairs
Debbi Dodson, PR/Marketing Chair, Event Planner
Timothy Young, Graphic Designer & Virtual Producer
Childlene Brooks, Clairdean Black, Bill Peak: Vendor Committee
Gelson Brooks, Photographer
Shauna Beulah Devon Beck Walter Black Yvonne Freeman
Anna Howie Kirk Howie Harriette Lowery Dana Newman
Autumn Redman Edward Boots Robinson Robin Stricoff
Lamont Thompson Mayor Megan Cook Annie Mewborn













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