You can purchase posters of the Frederick Douglass Mural here. All proceeds go to help the work of the Frederick Douglass Honor Society.

Poster prints signed by the artist can also be purchaed.

Easton’s Frederick Douglass mural, located at 109 S. Washington Street, was created by the artist Adam Himoff and is adapted from his 2021 linocut print entitled “Frederick Douglass / Liberty.” The image is a modernized reimagining of Frederick Douglass (1817-1895), the American abolitionist, writer, orator, and statesman. In the portrait, he is confident, determined, and courageous as we know him, but he also surprises us by being modern-day hip and fashionable and posed before a graffiti-scrawled space. The piece pulls Douglass forward in time, examines his lasting impact on our world, and wonders at the role he might be playing if he was alive today. It’s also a call to modern-day Frederick Douglasses: women, men, girls, and boys that are willing to give a powerful voice to deeply important issues that affect their (and our) life and liberty, so that we can continue to move in the direction of a better world.            

Adam Himoff is a contemporary artist born and raised in New York City. His art aims to reveal and explore societal truths through the graphic transformation and juxtaposition of powerful imagery. In his artistic scenes and portraits, he works to suspend “normal,” so that viewers can see reality anew.        

To learn more about artist Adam Himoff or to follow his work, visit his website at or his Instagram account at @adamhimoff.






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